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bullmer helped German Wrapping Solutions Company produce anti-epidemic masks

source: bullmer Publish time:2020-05-18 Views:239

Wrapping Solutions is located in Schwäbisch Hall, Bavaria, Germany. Its main business is the manufacture and sale of automotive interiors. In order to combat Covid-19, Wrapping Solutions quickly adjusted the original production line and invested in mask production to support the anti-epidemic work.

"According to the current situation, it is expected that the daily demand for German masks will reach 14 million in the future. By adjusting the production line and implementing two shifts, the current daily output can reach 240,000 masks." said Wolfgang Schaller, the General Manager of Wrapping Solutions.

The FPC1 mask produced by WrappingSolutions not only perfectly fits the contours of the human face and covers the nose and mouth, but also uses a double layer of 100% polypropylene fabric to protect against viruses. The most distinctive feature of this mask is that the mask face is equipped with an air filter valve, and a replaceable copper-plated filter element is used in the valve to achieve comfortable and breathable, but also achieve the effect of recycling. As long as the mask is put into the washing machine to be washed at a water temperature of 60 degrees, it can be recycled after natural air drying, and the number of cleaning times can reach 50 times, which is green and environmentally friendly.

"For the cutting of copper-plated filter core materials, we used the bullmers Turbocut. It not only guaranteed the cutting quality of our special material, but also achieved the output of 60,000 pieces per day. At present, we are facing common difficulties. Next, we have received strong support from bullmer’s intelligent cutting technology, and we sincerely thank you. Bullmer ’s support is essential to improve the production efficiency of masks, and provides a powerful way to alleviate the shortage of anti-epidemic materials throughout Germany."Mr. Schaller said.